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 Magazines with Susan van Wyck

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PostMagazines with Susan van Wyck


I have about 30 vintage Seventeen Magazines from 1959 thru 1968. I have taken out the pictures of Susan van Wyck for my scrapbook. However, there are many pics of the other great models of that time. Some of the magazines had no pictures of Susan so I did not remove any pages from them. They are in great shape.

I purchased them on ebay, and am now finished with them. if you or your organization can use them please let me know.

I will happily send them via priority mail to whatever address your indicate.

I still have to locate about 24 Seventeens from the period to see if there are any pictures or articles in them about Susan.

Can any of the persons who placed the pictures of Susan on your prior site provide me the dates of the Harpers Bazaar issues that had the fabulous high fashion photos of Susan (the black and white photos).

Really appreciate the efforts of you and your entire team.

Take care, and have a great weekend.


Linda Morand BLOG
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Magazines with Susan van Wyck

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