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 The Historical Importance of Magazines -click title to read.

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The Historical Importance of Magazines -click title to read. Empty
PostThe Historical Importance of Magazines -click title to read.

Preserving the Vanishing Historical Record

In twenty or thirty years, there will be very few eye witnesses who can recall anything at all about this era. So here it is, for the record. Here are some, not all, of the great girls who made it to the top on looks, brains, talent and disciplined work habits.

The Historical Importance of Magazines -click title to read. Lauren10

The Baby Boomers Coming of Age.

In the Sixties, 50,000 people a day were turning 18 and there are MILLIONS more behind them. They had money and they were interested in anything cool, new and Mod.

Magazines shaped our lives. They came into our homes and showed us how to dress, how to act, what to read, which way to vote, and how to think about ourselves, literature, science, art, fashion and the rest of the world. We've created this website because these magazine covers are difficult to find and study, even considering all the influence they had on us. We're here because we love the Mod Sixties and want to make it available once again.

Top-Notchers The Top Models We have over 500 in our archives,

Celebrating the Super Sixties Mod Models We see the faces in our minds as we remember out formative years. Ready-to Wear was born as good designs became affordable to the masses of young people turning 18 and 21 at the rate of about 50,000 a day. These are the models we saw in those ads, though purposely kept anonymous so as not to outshine the product. We saw their faces constantly as they grew up with-us and before our eyes they helped transform the fashion scene.

No Internet

If there had been an internet in the Sixties each of these girls would have had many websites, personal and fan sites. But we could not find much information on any models from before the rise of Linda Evangelista. And so a group of former Sixties and Seventies players got together and began an archive as many of the fashion tearsheets of the classic magazines before they all disappear into piles of magazines in somebody's collection.

Teen Queens

Some models were promoted by the magazines such as the golden circle of young models whose names we all knew. These girls received thousands of fan letters and were feature in the pages and sometimes on the cover of Seventeen.

The magazine stayed loyal to a core group headed by Colleen Corby, if you define supermodel as being featured on magazine covers and being a household name. These girls received fan mail from thousands of teen-age girls and boys just like a TV or movie star. Today they would have been mega-millionaires. They worked constantly for all the major fashion brands. They were actually almost brands themselves. Readers had a comfort level with their looks and what products they represented. They were the girls we wanted to be like. They were role models.

Then there was the phenomenon of Jean Shrimpton and the mega phenomenon of Twiggy as London and the Mod scene took over the world for awhile. This led to a new, less naive and more edgy kind of model, as scores of European models descended on New York.

Many very familiar faces could be forgotten as the eye-witnesses to the era grow older and pass on and thousands of magazine lie un-scanned in attics and basements. Nowadays if you are not on the web you might has well not have existed as far as the widely available historical record is concerned.

About the Mini Mad Mod 60's
And so the beat goes on! Here we all are again, lapping it up, reminiscing together about our glorious era, whether we were the models, or the readership who made them "famous. Hosted by Linda Morand, Super Chick 1966, and several other top 60's and 70's models, this fun group is for people interested in viewing, preserving and documenting the change in fashion looks during the Sixties.

Managed and edited by authentic Sixties Models and Stylists, the group documents the influences of Colleen Corby, Jean Shrimpton, Twiggy, Terry Reno, Veruschka, Sunny Griffin Linda Morand, Vidal Sassoon, Betsey Johnson, Mary Quant and other Sixties Icons

The message boards are chock full of pictures and anecdotes by and about the "Super Mods.

Linda Morand BLOG

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The Historical Importance of Magazines -click title to read. :: Comments

Regarding the Preservation of the Historical Record
Post Thu Jan 20, 2011 5:50 pm by susied44
Dear Linda,
I can't thank you enough for putting this wonderful website together!
I have re-lived so much of my youth as I browse through the entries.
I also want to say a special thank you to Bonnie Thomas and Susan Camp
for all of their efforts. (They need to post photos of themselves so that we
know who they are.)

Keep up the great work - Sincerely, Susan
Thank you. We have enjoyed it very much.

The Historical Importance of Magazines -click title to read.

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