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 I love all the New up-loads!

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I love all the New up-loads! Empty
PostI love all the New up-loads!

Thanks to whom ever is putting all the new up-loads in every day. It's been so much fun.
Ahh, Revlon Face Gleamers. I haven't thought of those in forever. I loved the smell and the feel on my cheeks. The cool Gleamy-ness of it all. And did you know that Noxeama Skin cream is still available in some Drugstores. I got some a couple of weeks ago and the smell is just so wonderful and it still cleans like crazy.

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I love all the New up-loads! :: Comments

Re: I love all the New up-loads!
Post Sat Mar 28, 2009 10:44 pm by MMM60s-SC
Hi Julie,

Patty Holmes and I love discovering and uploading the ads! Patty has become a true historian of vintage ads from the 1940s and 1950s. Some of them are exquisite, aren't they? Thank you for taking the time to give us positive feedback and for sharing your memories.

I bought the Revlon Face Gleamers, too. Noxzema was too rich for my oily skin, but I was a loyal Bonne Bell Ten-O-Six customer. I would even buy it in the one-gallon size for $30 during their annual sale.

I love all the New up-loads! Revlon_1969_Aug_17_p17_SusanBlakely
Susan Blakely - 1969 Revlon "Face Gleamers" Ad

I love all the New up-loads! Noxzema_1961_Susan_VW_1
Susan van Wyck - 1961 Noxzema Ad

I love all the New up-loads! Bonne_Bell_1967_Cheryl_Tiegs
Cheryl Tiegs - 1967 Bonne Bell Ad
Do you see the big gallon in the lower right corner?

Thanks again for the kind words, *~Susan~*
Re: I love all the New up-loads!
Post Sun Mar 29, 2009 12:51 pm by julieinwa
Susan, Wow, Bonnie Bell. I haven't thought of that in a long time either. I have 5 sisters and as I recall, my sister Sheila was a big Bonnie Bell fan. We never had enough money for really BIG bottles of anything (8 kids in the family )
Wasn't that a great smell. In fact Smell memory is the greatest. After I brought home the jar of Noxema, my other sister, Jan, asked if i could find Tussy deoderant. And I did at the same drugstore. Now it would be cool to track down some "Evening in Paris" purfume or "Ben Hur". Do you remember those? The were relatively cheap at the drugstore in the early to middle 60's.
Re: I love all the New up-loads!
Post Sun Mar 29, 2009 10:48 pm by MMM60s-SC
I always looked forward to going to the drugstores to check out the new products that I would see in my latest Seventeen magazine. Oh, the simple pleasures of the 1960s!

I went on eBay and easily found vintage "Evening in Paris" and "Ben Hur" perfumes (or their bottles) for sale:

I love all the New up-loads! EveningInParis_Eaudecologne_Bourjoi
"Evening in Paris" eau de cologne by Bourjois

I love all the New up-loads! SweetPea_BenHur_Perfumes
"Sweet Pea" perfume by Bo-Kay and "Ben Hur" perfume by Jergens

I hope these are the bottles that you remember, *~Susan~*
Re: I love all the New up-loads!
Post Mon Mar 30, 2009 2:58 pm by julieinwa
Susan, Oh My Gosh!!!, That is so perfect! I actually never thought of E-Bay , Duh!
It's the bottle of "Ben Hur". Terrific. I think I must have single handedly kept them in business way into the late 60's. LOL Thank you so much.
Re: I love all the New up-loads!
Post Mon Mar 30, 2009 4:04 pm by MMM60s-SC
Happy to help out, Julie!

Yes, I use eBay as a reference source all the time. As they say, "You can find eveything on eBay."

I must admit that I don't remember the Ben Hur perfume. When I see the words "Ben-Hur", I think of the 1959 movie with Charlton Heston:

I love all the New up-loads! Ben_Hur_Movie_1959_Poster

I'm assuming that the Ben Hur fragrance was not "Eau de Dusty Hooves". What was the scent like?

Re: I love all the New up-loads!
Post Tue Mar 31, 2009 3:39 am by julieinwa
Susan, Too Funny . No, I know no horses were in volved. ;-). Trying to explain a pefume I haven't actually smelled in 40 years is pretty near impossible I'm afraid. The bottle looks like it has some roses on it, so perhaps it incorporated some of those. Anyway i just loved it, and like I said it was pretty affordable for a Jr. High student who got $2.50 every 2 weeks for her allowance.

Re: I love all the New up-loads!
Post Wed Apr 08, 2009 4:13 pm by MMM60s-SC
Hi Julie,

I was flipping through my September 1961 Ingenue magazine when I came across this ad for "Evening in Paris". I thought it was rather unusual. Across the top is written:

"Sal Mineo, Academy Award nominee, may currently be seen in Otto Preminger's 'Exodus'":

I love all the New up-loads! EveningInParis_1961_Sep_Ingenue_p9_
Ad Campaigns Album: Other Beauty Ads: Fragrance

Here's an interesting 1952 Avon ad with photos of 8 famous movie stars, including Barbara Bel Geddes from Dallas:

I love all the New up-loads! Avon_1952_Movie_Stars
Ad Campaigns Album: Avon (1950s)

*~Susan Camp~*
Re: I love all the New up-loads!
Post Fri Apr 10, 2009 6:43 pm by julieinwa
Hi Susan, Sorry, but I've been out of town. I always loved Sal Mineo. I thought Exodus was such an interesting and exciting movie. It had so many good stars in it. It was on Turner Classic Movies a couple of weeks ago, but I only had time to see about 15 mins. of it. I should rent it.

I recognise all the stars in the Avon add, except for Dorthy Kirsten (?). All the others were from my Mum's era. But of course, if you're a fan of Classic movies they are all someone you can become very familiar with.
I remember when Marilyn Monroe died. I was 11 or 12. They started playing all of her movies on TV. "Monday Night at the Movies" showed all of them. I especially loved, "Niagra", "Some Like it Hot", "The Misfits", and "Monkey Business".
Another Star of that era was Cyd Charisse. I loved Musicals and she was my all-time favorite dancer.

Thanks for posting those pictures. They sure bring back some great memories.

Re: I love all the New up-loads!
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I love all the New up-loads!

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