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 Revlon's "Fire & Ice" ~ Charles Revson

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Revlon's "Fire & Ice" ~ Charles Revson Empty
PostRevlon's "Fire & Ice" ~ Charles Revson

On March 1, 1932, brothers Charles and Joseph Revson, along with chemist Charles Lachman, established a nail polish company they named Revlon (the “l” in Revlon came from Lachman).

In his book Fire and Ice: The Story of Charles Revson – the Man Who Built the Revlon Empire (William Morrow and Company, 1976), Andrew Tobias chronicled the career of the man who "started with one bottle of nail polish and a fine ear for female fantasy and built an empire – The Revlon Company – worth millions from them”:

Revlon's "Fire & Ice" ~ Charles Revson Blog_Fire_Ice_1976_Front_Cover

Revlon's "Fire & Ice" ~ Charles Revson Blog_Fire_Ice_1976_Back_Cover_CRevs

Revlon's "Fire & Ice" ~ Charles Revson Blog_Fire_Ice_1976_DJFlap_Front

Revlon's "Fire & Ice" ~ Charles Revson Blog_Fire_Ice_1976_DJFlap_Back

A special album has been created for this book in the 60s Ad Campaigns Album: Revlon Album (1940s-1950s):

Here are some historic Revlon ads from the 1930s through the 1970s:

The first Revlon ad to run outside of trade journals:

Revlon's "Fire & Ice" ~ Charles Revson Blog_Fire_Ice_1976_Revlon_1935_Summ
The New Yorker Magazine
Summer 1935

The first Revlon ad to run in Vogue Magazine:

Revlon's "Fire & Ice" ~ Charles Revson Blog_Fire_Ice_1976_Revlon_1936_June
Vogue Magazine
Summer 1936

The first full-scale color promotion with "matching lips and fingertips". Revlon popularized this fashion strategy in the 1940s:

Revlon's "Fire & Ice" ~ Charles Revson Blog_Revlon_1944_PinkLightning

First Revlon product named after Charles Revson:

Revlon's "Fire & Ice" ~ Charles Revson Blog_FireIce_1973_Charlie_CharlyS
Charly Stember

To read this out-of-print book online, go to Andrew Tobias’ web site:

Susan Camp
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Revlon's "Fire & Ice" ~ Charles Revson :: Comments

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Revlon's "Fire & Ice" ~ Charles Revson

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